Thursday, January 30, 2014

PowerStrips to the Rescue

As a Chiropractor, I have so many different patients walk into my office with an array of problems. Herniated Discs, muscle spasms, Rheumatoid Arthritis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff tears, sciatica, headaches, whiplash injuries, plantar fasciitis, strained knee ligaments, carpal tunnel syndrome and that was just yesterday! The common denominator in all of these issues is pain! My job is to align the spine to remove nerve interference so that the human body can function at 100% of its incredible ability that God created in us.  We don't get enough sleep, eat diets full of junk foods and sugar and stress our bodies more then ever in 2014. Chiropractic care is a must to keep our bodies free from vertebral subluxations to allow us to function at our optimal potential.

I have recently come across a product, the PowerStrip by FGXpress, that is a tremendous complement to my care and something that you must try for yourself. It is an amazing combination of technology and natural ingredients that my patients and people around the globe are finding to be the answer to their problem of pain. It is an FDA listed medical device for pain relief that is Doctor formulated and recommended, affordable and a lot of times gives immediate results! PowerStrips have 2 layers. Our bodies give off heat and energy, an outer layer of germanium reflects that heat back into the deep tissues where we will see increased blood flow and oxygen. Infrared Images prove how effective this is and can be seen on this video by Dr. Adam Saucedo: The inner layer is composed of Silver Ions, Korean Red Ginseng and Marine CMP Phytoplankton, three amazing ingredients that work synergistically to decrease pain and infuse nutrition into our tissues. All of this is blended together with a water soluble adhesive in a plant based matrix that is gentle on the skin and can be worn for up to 48 hours, which is unheard of in a typical pain patch!

PowerStrips are not healing these many problems that cause pain in our bodies!  They supply nutrients and heat to fuel the body and give it more of the ingredients needed to allow us to function at our best. Doctors and patients are seeing incredible results when applying PowerStrips! Stories from around the world are pouring in about the amazing power of our product: avoiding surgeries, no more pain, reducing or eliminating harmful and addictive prescription medications that can have horrible side effects and joy and activity returning to people who have been unable to exercise or enjoy their lives.  Healthcare changes have driven up costs and people are having to pay hundreds of dollars a month for prescription drugs with higher deductibles and co-pays. PowerStrips are an affordable all natural alternative!
Chiropractic and PowerStrips are a perfect combination for optimal health and wellness! 

Please contact me for more information. Healthcare Practitioners will love how our product fits into their practice and your patients will thank you for getting them into their hands. Get yourself a free sample and discover how our Mobile Technology allows someone in pain to have up to 48 hours of continued pain relief from an FDA Listed Device! 

Go to and get more info and request a free sample! The only thing you have to lose is your pain!

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